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The Other Side Interviews

Ep218i – WOKE Marketing KILLS Brands – So Why DO Companies STILL Do It?


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  • Australia’s NEW Alternative Labour UN...

    Some people sit around complaining about the way the world should be. Others do something about it. Graeme Haycroft falls into the latter category.

    Graeme is the creator of the RED UNION – a group of alternative labour unions without links to the Labor Party, for people who want workplace pro...

  • Ep216i – How the BRITISH ended SLAVERY

    In many former European colonies August the first is Emancipation Day celebrating the abolition of slavery throughout the British Empire almost two centuries ago.

    And while our postmodern sensibilities drive our cultural institutions to fixate on the offence of the latter fact, the sin of sla...

  • Ep215i – Behind the Rebel: Avi Yemeni...

    There are few people who have impacted the independent media scene in Australia as much as Rebel News Australia editor AVI YEMENI. As Damian notes in this tell-all interview, Avi is a man who makes the energizer bunny look like a zombie. By 20 years of age he’d lived more life than many do by 60...