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The Church & State Show

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Nothing is more important to the health of democracy than religious liberty. Hosted by Dave Pellowe & featuring special guests each week, The Church & State Show speaks to important cultural & political issues with a Biblical Christian perspective.

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The Church & State Show
  • Refuting replacement theology (by any name) | Ps Joshua Pellowe 23.35

    Episode 35

    Many Scriptures reveal God considers how we treat Israel as a pass/fail test with consequences. But what more does the Bible say about God’s chosen people and holy land, and why is it important to the modern world?
    There is a pressing need for sound teaching on Biblical doctrines of Israel, Jews ...

  • When speech should & shouldn't be free | The Church And State Show 23.34

    Episode 34

    Dave Pellowe argues that the exercise in freedom which is destructive to freedom should itself be illegal, in the interest of maximum freedom. G. K. Chesterton said, "There is a thought that stops thought. That is the only thought that ought to be stopped." Dave examines public theories on free s...

  • Yay PATRIARCHY & International Men's Day | The Church And State Show 23.33

    Episode 33

    Why is Women's Day a huge deal but Men's Day barely rates a chook raffle? A society with nothing but weak or scorned men is a society destined for collapse. In this episode, Dave Pellowe advocates celebrating and supporting men in culture, with decorated Australian Army veteran Andy Cullen and Ol...

  • Antisemitism Rising | The Church And State Show 23.32

    Episode 32

    Jason Steinberg & Dr David Adler join Dave Pellowe to discuss the unimaginable scenario playing out in Australia and around the world where shameless, public antisemitism (Jew-hatred) is rising rapidly in complete ignorance of the identical social settings which made the Holocaust possible. Inste...

  • From Haman To Hitler To Hamas, The People Of Israel Live | 23.31

    Episode 31

    There's a profound ignorance of history in most casual critics of Israel's existence or self defence. Dave Pellowe gives an overview of 3,000 years of anti-Semitism, just one of the excellent reasons Israel must exist in safety. Featuring an interview with Peter Kraus, a Holocaust survivor, and s...

  • Israel & The Replacement Theory | The Church And State Show 23.30

    Episode 30

    Tragically, one of the sources of much anti-Semitism over centuries and increasingly again, is Christian teaching. Some believe that God's covenant with Abraham, Isaac & Jacob to make Israel a great nation and the Promised Land their inheritance was not "everlasting" or "inviolable", as Scripture...

  • Dave Pellowe reacts to “The Voice” post mortem on ABC’s Insiders

    Episode 29

    Leftist brains are turning to mush and their emotional incontinence is manifesting as outrage, offence and tears the like which first lent itself to coining the phrase snowflake following Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump.

    Why? Because 60% of Australians and every state rejected their prepo...

  • Last interview with Jacinta Price before we vote | The Church & State Show 23.28

    Episode 28

    Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price spoke briefly before sitting down with Dave Pellowe for one last interview before the nation votes on Aboriginal separatism and the Voice of division tomorrow.
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  • Sarah Game MLC on The 'Voice', Men's Day & more... | The Church And State 23.27

    Episode 27

    Sarah Game is the first One Nation MP in South Australia, sitting in the Legislative Council (upper house). She was the first state MP there to publicly oppose the 'Voice', and is organising the only International Men's Day event in the whole state! Dave Pellowe also shares his concerns with the ...

  • ACL Michelle Pearse on her vision and battlefronts | The Church And State 23.26

    Episode 26

    Michelle Pearse is the new leader of the Australian Christian Lobby, and she sits down with Dave to describe her vision for the important organisation in coming years, as well as the battles we're waging against injustice already.
    • MORE:
    • Have dinner with Sarah Game MLC, Step...

  • International athlete exiled for criticising tyranny | Church And State 23.25

    Episode 25

    Henry Olonga is not like the modern athletes who protest carbon dioxide and coal for the virtue points they score with media and half their fans. He and Andy Flower lost their careers and their country, and risked their lives to protest the brutal regime of Zimbabwean dictator, Robert Mugabe. Hen...

  • Robbie Katter, youth crime crisis & relocation sentencing | TCASS 23.24

    Episode 24

    Robbie Katter MP joins Dave Pellowe to discuss an innovative, common sense policy about real consequences for serial youth offenders, promising positive outcomes in the lives of convicted minors. Why is the Labor government refusing to even trial it? What have they got to lose, except an electio...

  • Fighting for a moral nation | The Church And State Show 23.23

    Episode 23

    Join the 50th Anniversary celebration of FamilyVoice Australia and be inspired to take action now to fight for the reformation of our dying culture by this keynote speech from host, Dave Pellowe.
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  • The truth is “racist”, & changing minds on the “Voice” | The Church State 23.22

    Episode 22

    Dr Anthony Dillon joins Dave Pellowe to discuss Gary Johns’ speech at CPAC about what it will really take to close the gap, and how people can effectively help others to vote “no” to the referendum on the “Voice”.
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  • BIG IDEAS: Who is Almighty God? | The Church And State Show 23.21

    Episode 21

    This is BIG IDEAS, filmed in front of a live studio audience, where host Dave Pellowe sits down with an author, academic or other notable thought leader and unpacks a big idea not explored enough in broadcast media. In this first installment, Senator Malcolm Roberts turns the tables on Dave Pello...

  • Your voice is needed on these abortion bills | The Church And State Show 23.20

    Episode 20

    Guest presenter George Christensen describes the three most terrible things about the Abortion Law Reform legislation being debated right now in the WA Parliament, and launches a new and exciting initiative by Church And State:

  • Small government, big family & personal responsibility | The Church&State 23.19

    Episode 19

    One of the biggest questions Dave Pellowe is asked is how to parent children experimenting with harmful ideas. Counsellors Dean & Tania Comerford explain a cutting edge therapy which helps parents be healthier in themselves to respond better to tough situations.
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  • Graphic sex instruction for little kids | The Church And State Show 23.18

    Episode 18

    Right thinking people are united in their revulsion by a new book posing as "sex ed". Libertarian Party MP John Ruddick and conservative Christian commentator Dave Pellowe debate the politics of censorship vs free speech, as well as the appropriateness of Christian activism.
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  • George Christensen | The Church & State 23.17

    Episode 17

    Nothing is more important to the health of democracy than religious liberty. Hosted by Dave Pellowe & featuring special guests each week, The Church & State Show speaks to important cultural & political issues with a Biblical Christian perspective.

    Watch ‘The Church and State Show’ live and on d...

  • The Identity Crisis Epidemic caused by "The Science" | The Church & State 23.16

    Episode 16

    Ken Ham believes teaching Genesis as history can singularly help turn the tide in many fronts of the culture war by reminding people of ancient Truth, for example, that Almighty God didn't make people to be animals or random accidents of meaningless mutations. Ken is world renowned as the guy wh...

  • The Liberal Party has forgotten Menzies | The Church And State Show 23.15

    Episode 15

    Liberal Party "moderates" like to tell everyone Menzies was one of them, but Dave Pellowe says he should be allowed to speak for himself. Dave invited Dr Stephen Chavura, co-author of "The Forgotten Menzies" and political history lecturer at Campion College to explain the words, ideas & values of...

  • McGowan by-election WA minor party | The Church And State Show 23.14

    Episode 14

    Maryka Groenewald, leader of WA's most established minor party, and Darryl Budge, WA State Director of FamilyVoice, join Dave Pellowe to discuss what centre-right voters can look for in the coming elections in that state, and how recently-awakened voters can remain active and helpful in years to ...

  • Former gay activist speaks on conversion | The Church And State Show 23.13

    Episode 13

    Former gay & trans activist James Parker says he could not find the bigotry he expected in any church. Are various state's laws against same-sex attracted and gender-confused people seeking counselling are themselves presenting a high risk to that demographic's mental health by denying them the h...

  • "Army Major's mission to save lives back home | The Church And State Show 23.12

    Episode 12

    Retired Army Major Andy Cullen is a decorated veteran who overcame a terrible battle with PTSD and now offers real hope and healing to veterans and others also battling trauma injuries. Dave Pellowe sat down with him at his home to share his inspiring story and continuing service to our nation. L...