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Ms Daisy Cousens

Anti-Feminism with Daisy (An Interview with The Unshackled)


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  • Is This The End Of Social Justice

    In these trying times, the world has been presented with an existential threat that is real, tangible, and immediate. Could this create a perspective shift away from "progressive", largely semantic concerns? Could this be, in fact, the end of social justice?

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    Controversial French film 'Cuties' has caused a hugely negative reaction because of the age-inappropriate and gratuitous way it portrays four eleven-year-old girls. In fact, #CancelNetflix was the number one trending topic in the USA on Twitter. So why are people defending the film?

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  • Tradwives vs Bimbos

    Tradwives are back in the cultural spotlight, and boy has the leftist media maligned them...again. Yet last year, that same media applauded the trend of the modern day bimbo, or bimboism; a new 'feminist' movement that encourages Generation Z women to play dumb, dress provocatively, and refuse to...