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  • Anti-Feminism with Daisy (An Interview with The Unshackled)

    Episode 1

    An interview I did at the LibertyFest Conference with the excellent gentlemen at The Unshacked in October 2018. On feminism, freedom, live TV, and why the goal should never be to no-platform your opposition. Full video featuring Bettina Arndt below. Enjoy!

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  • Is This The End Of Social Justice

    Episode 2

    In these trying times, the world has been presented with an existential threat that is real, tangible, and immediate. Could this create a perspective shift away from "progressive", largely semantic concerns? Could this be, in fact, the end of social justice?

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  • Netflix's 'Cuties' Is As Bad As You Think It Is

    Episode 3

    Controversial French film 'Cuties' has caused a hugely negative reaction because of the age-inappropriate and gratuitous way it portrays four eleven-year-old girls. In fact, #CancelNetflix was the number one trending topic in the USA on Twitter. So why are people defending the film?

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  • Tradwives vs Bimbos

    Episode 4

    Tradwives are back in the cultural spotlight, and boy has the leftist media maligned them...again. Yet last year, that same media applauded the trend of the modern day bimbo, or bimboism; a new 'feminist' movement that encourages Generation Z women to play dumb, dress provocatively, and refuse to...

  • BuzzFeed's Biggest SJW Hack (My Dealings With Mark Di Stefano)

    Episode 5

    Former BuzzFeed journalist, SJW and fellow Australian Mark Di Stefano recently stood down from his job at the Financial Times, after it was revealed that he had hacked into the private Zoom meetings of rival publications. He has also been the catalyst for the de-platforming of multiple right wing...

  • Woke, Climate Activist Royals Want To Rule The World

    Episode 6

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    Meghan Markle, Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince Harry are known for their climate change activism, and often cringe-worthy lecturing of the general public. ...

  • DO NOT Do This in Quarantine!

    Episode 7

    With the world currently in various stages of lock down, there are plenty of helpful hints about what to do in quarantine to pass the time. But where are all the rules for what *not* to do? With the help of my subscribers, a bit if guesswork, and celebrity meltdowns from the likes of Madonna and ...

  • An SJW Broke Into My House!

    Episode 8

    Meet Imogen Crowe; the progressive, intersectional, demi-gender-queer feminist, who somehow managed to sneak into my house, work out how to use my recording equipment, and film an entire video. So she says, anyway; I mean, I wouldn't trust her as far as I could throw her, but she can be very conv...

  • Karens Are FREAKING OUT Over Masks (Retail Workers BEWARE!)

    Episode 9

    The 'Karen' meme is an apt descriptor for an influx of rude 'anti-masker' activists in Australia, who are travelling the city of Melbourne, berating store employees over compulsory mask rules. It's understandable that people oppose mandatory mask orders...but do they have to take their frustratio...

  • #MeToo Hypocrisy and The New York Times (Alyssa Milano)

    Episode 10

    If ever you've had any doubts about whether The New York Times is politically partisan, and if you've ever had any suspicions that Alyssa Milano cares more about politics that she cares about women, then you can set your mind at rest. The latest #MeToo allegation against Joe Biden, and the Reacti...

  • Feminist Archetype #1 - The Misandrist Woman-Hater

    Episode 11

    Welcome to the first installment of my Feminist Archetypes series! Much like the Seven Deadly Sins, I have identified seven different types of feminist. Number one; the Misandrist Woman-Hater, a creature so complex she manages to hate both men AND women at the same time.

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  • Jimmy Kimmel EXPOSED!

    Episode 12

    On May 7th, comedian Jimmy Kimmel falsely portrayed Vice President Mike Pence as having faked his way through a publicity stunt involving PPE and a nursing home. After being exposed, he played dumb...but we all know that's not true. Here's the real reason why Jimmy Kimmel and the corporate media ...

  • Capitalism CRUSHES Anti-Capitalist Insanely Woke CafĂ© Owner

    Episode 13

    An insanely woke, virulently anti-capitalist owner of a Toronto café called The Anarchist has learnt the hard way that capitalism conquers all. While the café has garnered support thanks to recent publicity and will stay open for longer than intended, will his planned model of a communistic busin...

  • The Woke Hair Culture War Is BACK, And Coming To A Salon Near You

    Episode 14

    Woke advice column 'Dear Prudence' from Slate magazine has given us some gems. Today's offering; the culture war is being fought on the battleground of hair salons. Do black women have the monopoly on curly, hard to manage hair? Should white women with curly hair stay out of black hair salons, ev...

  • China's Racism Must Be Called Out

    Episode 15

    Africans living in China are facing racial discrimination. In the city of Guangzhou, they are being evicted from their homes, forced to live on the streets, and blamed for spreading the global 'bug'. This must be called out and condemned, so why has Western media been so slow off the mark?


  • Profiling Feminists (Fourth Wave Feminism)

    Episode 16

    (Aside from including some extra footage, it's pretty much identical to the previous version, only for some reason YouTube chose to monetize this one but not the previous one. I will never understand YouTube)
    Welcome to my series 'Profiling Feminists'! Fourth wave feminism;...

  • Feminist Hypocrisy, Clementine Ford & Michelle Wolf

    Episode 17

    For anyone who just wants to watch the "fun part" of last week's 'This Week in Social Justice', here it is! On the rank (but not unexpected) hypocrisy of Clementine Ford, Michelle Wolf, and all their feminist friends regarding the Sarah Huckabee Sanders situation. Plus; I'm told I do a really, RE...

  • The Mainstream Media CAN'T HANDLE Donald Trump

    Episode 18

    The mainstream media has sunk to new lows in their reporting on the global issue currently gripping the planet, especially in their reporting on Donald Trump. Here is a summary of their latest lies, and why they can never be trusted to tell the truth.

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  • Woke Disney's PC Snow White ERASES Dwarf Actors

    Episode 19

    Disney's series of live action remakes of its classic animation films have proved to be one woke flop after another. The upcoming remake of 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarves' looks to be no exception, considering the actress who plays Snow White (Rachel Zegler) is Colombian, and the dwarves have ...

  • Viral Campaign Ad Exposes Democrat-Run Cities

    Episode 20

    The GOP has a new star in Kimberly Klacik, who rose to prominence last year when she exposed the living conditions in West Baltimore. So, just what is the big secret about Democrat-run cities that they don't want you to know? Kimberly Klacik's viral campaign ad exposes Democrat run cities for wha...

  • The Many Faces Of Woke Trans TikTok Star Dylan Mulvaney

    Episode 21

    The meteoric rise of trans TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney has attracted enormous criticism, with many insisting Dylan's parodical performances of 'girlhood' as part of documenting their transition are simply an opportunist at work. But what if it's possible for two things to be true at once? Wh...

  • Joe Biden is ADORABLE And He Could Beat Donald Trump

    Episode 22

    He makes verbal gaffes, he argues with voters, and many have said he's off with the pixies. Many Republicans have written him off as a serious contender for Donald Trump. But is Joe Biden more dangerous than people think?

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  • SJWs Freak Out Over White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany

    Episode 23

    Kayleigh McEnany is the fourth White House Press Secretary to the Trump administration, and boy does she have a knack for disposing of anti-Trump journalists. But why is she just so, so good at her job?

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  • Should LGB Drop The T?

    Episode 24

    In a worrying revelation, Gallup Poll revealed the percentage of Americans who believe gay and lesbian relations are 'morally acceptable' has gone down seven percent since 2022. Could it be the last twelve months of radical gender activism have tarnished LGB people by association? Is it time for ...