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An SJW Broke Into My House!

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Daisy Cousens

The Mainstream Media CAN'T HANDLE Donald Trump


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  • An SJW Broke Into My House!

    Meet Imogen Crowe; the progressive, intersectional, demi-gender-queer feminist, who somehow managed to sneak into my house, work out how to use my recording equipment, and film an entire video. So she says, anyway; I mean, I wouldn't trust her as far as I could throw her, but she can be very conv...

  • The Mainstream Media CAN'T HANDLE Don...

    The mainstream media has sunk to new lows in their reporting on the global issue currently gripping the planet, especially in their reporting on Donald Trump. Here is a summary of their latest lies, and why they can never be trusted to tell the truth.

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  • Joe Biden is ADORABLE And He Could Be...

    He makes verbal gaffes, he argues with voters, and many have said he's off with the pixies. Many Republicans have written him off as a serious contender for Donald Trump. But is Joe Biden more dangerous than people think?

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