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Jimmy Kimmel EXPOSED!

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Daisy Cousens

SJWs Freak Out Over White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany


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  • Jimmy Kimmel EXPOSED!

    On May 7th, comedian Jimmy Kimmel falsely portrayed Vice President Mike Pence as having faked his way through a publicity stunt involving PPE and a nursing home. After being exposed, he played dumb...but we all know that's not true. Here's the real reason why Jimmy Kimmel and the corporate media ...

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    Former BuzzFeed journalist, SJW and fellow Australian Mark Di Stefano recently stood down from his job at the Financial Times, after it was revealed that he had hacked into the private Zoom meetings of rival publications. He has also been the catalyst for the de-platforming of multiple right wing...

  • China's Racism Must Be Called Out

    Africans living in China are facing racial discrimination. In the city of Guangzhou, they are being evicted from their homes, forced to live on the streets, and blamed for spreading the global 'bug'. This must be called out and condemned, so why has Western media been so slow off the mark?