Contention with James Mathias

Contention with James Mathias

4 Episodes

James looks behind the big policies of the day to learn who is making the decisions - and how it affects you.

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Contention with James Mathias
  • Victoria's Voice is an expensive catastrophe

    Australia rejected an Aboriginal Voice to Parliament last week, but Victoria already has one. It's more expensive, hostile, divisive and greedy than you probably think.

  • The slavery and deforestation behind our giant windmills

    The giant windmills being erected in Australia contain large amounts of precious balsa wood indiscriminately chopped down in South America and are built by slaves in China. All so environmentalists can feel morally superior.

  • Not at your service, Chris.

    Episode 2

    Not at your service, Chris. Energy Minister Chris Bowen has been caught using the public service for political purposes. Again. This time, he is trying to prove that nuclear is not a better option than wind and solar. No wonder he looks so desperate these days.

  • Nothing fair about the Fair Work Act

    Episode 1

    The Albanese government repays its union mates for helping it win the last federal election with massive changes to the Fair Work Act that bamboozle everyone except the most experienced IR lawyers, and rewards unionised workplaces.