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Church and State Events

CAS23 Spotlight | Pregnancy Help Australia, Christian Heritage College


Up Next in Church & State: Summit 2023

  • CAS23 | George Christensen

    Is politics a distraction from the Gospel? How does faith intersect with politics? ‘We wrestle not against flesh and blood’, so what are the battlefronts? What are the marching orders for the Church from our Lord?

  • CAS23 | Andrew McColl

    Have the Church and Christian parents fulfilled our commission to raise our children in the way they should go? Have we misunderstood the sacred/secular dichotomy in outsourcing education to government-funded strangers? How are modern educational philosophies working out for this generation? Are ...

  • CAS23 | Ps Todd Weatherly

    We are in a spiritual, cultural war. A church in South Australia has been led by the Spirit of God into an interest in government. In Christ, nothing is too difficult and he mandates us to engage in the Great Commission in every way. What is happening prophetically and where are things going?