Church & State: Perth 2023

Church & State: Perth 2023

Church And State Perth: an exciting evening and full day of Biblical teaching and analysis on the relationship between Christians & government, and how we as believers can practically be salt which flavours & light which shines in the public square.

Following the huge success of the sixth annual Church And State Summit (March 2023) this unique conference will include special presentations from Hon Nick Goiran, James Macpherson, Dr Stephen Chavura, Dave Pellowe and many others, as well as time for Q&A and extended conversation over Saturday lunch and afternoon.

Church & State: Perth 2023
  • Government or God: Who will you serve? | Topher Field

    In an age where Christians have grown comfortable with the relative freedom and trustworthiness of governments since Federation, have too many of us started to confuse the ordained bounds of civil authorities with entities deserving devotion normally reserved for God Almighty?

  • Restoring the Rule of Law in Australia | Prof Augusto Zimmermann

    The ‘rule of law’ operates as an umbrella term for legal-institutional mechanisms that protect the citizen against the arbitrary power of the State. This decade’s governments have violated these by adopting extra-constitutional measures that undermine the inalienable rights of the citizen, but th...

  • Hearts, Minds, & a Nation’s Laws | Maryka Groenewald

    Christian disengagement from societal conversations has created a gaping void, allowing false ideologies to thrive. The alarming changes we’ve seen have come about strategically and incrementally. It’s now time for us to reengage, realign and discern the battle in prayer.

  • What & why is Church And State? | Dave Pellowe

    Dave Pellowe introduces the Church And State conference and why it's so important right now in Australia.

  • Confidence in King Jesus | John Steenhof

    The Gospel promise of Psalm 2 is that even though the world rebels Jesus is still King, so Christians can confidently take refuge in Him. Christians are facing hostility, but through God’s blessing HRLA helps those who courageously speak to the lost in a decaying culture.

  • Good News Beyond LGBTQ+ Lies | James Parker

    If the LGBTQ demographic wish to truly live life to the full, its members need to hear the Good News about sexuality and identity. Woke churches need to wake up to the Gospel and take it seriously. This is the “lived experience” of the speaker’s own journey saying YES to King Jesus.

  • What it means to be made in the Image of God – James Macpherson

    Discover how one line from the Bible – ‘God created man in His own Image’ – is enough to change everything about an individual and the culture in which they live.

  • Q&A Panel | Day 1

    The evening’s speakers return to the stage to take your burning questions on their presentations. If you disagree with anything said, go to the front of the queue!

  • The Remnant: more important now than ever | Dr Rocco Loiacono

    The Old Testament prophets proclaimed the importance of the faithful Remnant who lived and handed on God’s Law to future generations: serving the world through living its spiritual life in adoration of the Father. No matter how dark the days, God is faithful, and His remnant is enough to change t...

  • A Christian Critique of The “Voice” | Dr Stephen Chavura

    In the absence of explicit Biblical authority on important public issues, Biblical wisdom and Christian virtue must be brought to the debate, and Christian charity extended to differing conclusions. So what then can be said in favour or against this important, national question?

  • Our culture is a self driving Tesla | James Macpherson

    How do we navigate through a world where nothing is as it seems?

  • Q&A Panel | National Issues Panel

    Topher Field, James Macpherson, Stephen Chavura and Dave Pellowe take your questions and discuss/debate anything and everything with a Kingdom perspective.